• VistaCNC  iMachIII  USB Control Pendants  are truly           Plug 'n Play devices!

  • Support Mach3, Mach4, LinuxCNC, UCCNC, Machinekit ...

  • Work with parallel port controller, USB and Ethernet based controllers for metal, wood, plasma and foam cutting applications.

  • 3 jogging modes: accurate Step , silky-smooth Velocity , and constant Continuous .

  • 100 step (click) per turn, high precision MPG with stainless steel encoder disk.

  • LCD with bright backlit .



It was dead easy to install, responsive, and configuration is very simple. It actually worked satisfactorily right out of the box without any configuration at all.

I was worried about the controls being leggy because I'd read about people having that problem with some of the other brands, especially the wireless ones.  Read more

The VistaCNC pendant has quickly become one of my favorite tools ... More

  • VistaCNC pendants support Mach3.           

  • Models support Mach3:M1, M2, P1A, P1A-S, P2-S, P3A, P4-S.


  • VistaCNC pendants support Mach4.                    

  • Files to upgrade P1A-S and P2-S to Mach4. 

  • Files to upgrade P4-S to Mach4. 


  • VistaCNC pendants support LinuxCNC on 32bit OS and 64bit OS .

  • Models support LinuxCNC: M1, P1A-S, P2-S and P4-S

  • Files to upgrade to LinuxCNC. 


  • VistaCNC pendants support UCCNC.

  • Models support UCCNC: P1A-S, P2-S,P4-S

  • Files to upgrade to UCCNC. 


  • VistaCNC pendants support Machinekit /BeagleBone (ARMv7).

  • Models support Machinekit: P1A-S, P2-S,P4-S

  • Files to upgrade to Machinekit. 



     iMachIII P2-S pendant


    LCD display with Backlight.

    Large E-STOP button.

    Jogging + control 



     iMachIII P4-S pendant


     LCD display with Backlight.

    Large E-STOP button.

    6 axis selections.

    6 MPG modes.

    3 user definable buttons.      




          iMachIII P1A-S pendant


     LCD display with Backlight.

    Large E-STOP button.

    Packed with all the jogging functions.     




             iMachIII P1A pendant

    Cost effective Pendant.

   Packed with all the jogging functions.






                                    iMachIII P3A pendant

     Small size buttons with LEDs for each operation.

    Micro switch for Axis selection

    Predefined number quick selection for Step Size, Feed rate, Spindle speed and Slow Jog Rate.                       






    iMachIII M1 pendant


    100 steps MPG.

    3 jogging modes + 3 MPG modes

    5 control buttons + 3 function buttons.




          iMachIII M2 pendant


    4 axis Step and Continuous jogging.

    Quick jogging mode change.

    Step size and jog rate indicators.




                                   EE Box

     Provide an isolated Normally-Close signal

      through E-Stop button in the pendant.